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Investor Relations Insights: June 2023 Edition

June 26, 2023


I hope you are well. We’ve had an exceptionally busy (and productive) second quarter at Honeywell, with lots of exciting new technology and customer announcements, as well as extensive investor engagement, not least our May Investor Day in NYC. In this note we recap the critical activity during the quarter for HON investors. As always, thank you for your interest in Honeywell and we welcome your questions and feedback.


Sean C. Meakim, CFA
Vice President, Investor Relations
Honeywell International

Recent Investor Engagement

Our leadership team traveled to New York to host our 2023 Investor Day (click here for the presentation materials and webcast replay). We started off the day ringing the opening bell at Nasdaq (on the two-year anniversary of our listing there), then followed it up with presentations, Q&A, and a reception with many of our top shareowners, where we discussed the successes of outgoing CEO Darius Adamczyk and key priorities for incoming CEO Vimal Kapur, provided an in-depth look at our M&A process, and reiterated our long-term financial algorithm with a few enhancements. We previously published an IR Insights recapping the event which can be found here.

While in New York, we took advantage of the proximity to our investor base by attending several investor events. For example, PMT CEO Lucian Boldea attended the Goldman Sachs Industrials and Materials Conference (webcast replay here), where he highlighted PMT’s comprehensive portfolio of sustainability solutions, leadership in digitalization, and margin accretive growth through both our core business and new products.

At the end of May, Vimal Kapur attended the Morgan Stanley Captains of Industry Summit in Georgia. During his presentation, Vimal reinforced his excitement about taking over as CEO and the future of Honeywell. He emphasized that the company has a strong foundation in place, and he will build upon that base with greater emphasis on organic sales growth, our Accelerator operating system, and strategic capital deployment.

Honeywell CFO Greg Lewis attended several events in the second quarter – the Wolfe Research Global Transportation and Industrials Conference in New York City (webcast replay here), the J.P. Morgan Canada 1x1 Forum in Toronto, and the Wells Fargo Industrials Conference in Chicago (webcast replay here). Building on the themes we shared at Investor Day, Greg focused on a few key messages at these events – our markets and offerings underpin a robust multi-year outlook, we have a track record of success that ensures confidence that we will continue to execute in all environments, our Accelerator operating system is providing us a new lever to outperform, and our robust balance sheet enables accelerated capital deployment. Greg also reiterated our guidance for 2Q and FY 2023.

On June 18, we hosted a Honeywell Aerospace Investor Reception ahead of the first Paris Air Show since 2019. The well-attended event featured remarks from Vimal Kapur as well as a presentation by and discussion with the Honeywell Aerospace leadership team. The presentation provided an overview of our diverse Aerospace portfolio and reiterated the bright multi-year outlook we see for our Aerospace segment. During the presentation, we also provided more color on the recently announced Honeywell Aerospace CEO transition from Mike Madsen (who is retiring) to Jim Currier, a 17-year HON Aero veteran.

Recent HON News

In May, Honeywell announced its innovative new eFining technology, a ready-now solution for producing low-carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). We see a path to eFining addressing some of the hard-to-abate sectors of the economy such as steel and concrete production. At the same time, we announced that HIF Global, the world’s leading eFuels company, intends to deploy the new technology at its second U.S. eFuels facility with the potential to decarbonize over 12 billion air passenger miles per year. eFining combines green hydrogen (hydrogen produced from renewable energy and water) and carbon dioxide to produce eMethanol reliably and at scale, which can be converted to a wide range of sustainable fuels, including eSAF, eGasoline, and eDiesel.

In other renewable fuels news, Honeywell announced that BP selected Honeywell’s Ecofining technology to help support the production of SAF at five BP facilities across the globe – the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Our Ecofining technology is proven, ready-now, and provides a cost-efficient solution to increase BP’s SAF production and helps BP achieve its goal of supplying 20% of the SAF market globally by 2030. SAF created by our Ecofining process, which converts fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) into jet fuel, can be used as a drop-in replacement without engine modifications and currently can be used in blends of up to 50% with the remainder as conventional (fossil-based) jet fuel.

Honeywell Connected Enterprise hosted its Honeywell Connect 2023 event in May, unveiling several new products, including an expansion of our Honeywell Forge Performance+ software. Performance+ Production Intelligence, an advanced analytics and insights solution, offers key benefits including up to 30% improved worker productivity. We also unveiled Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ to assist customers in improving the availability, reliability, and safety of their industrial control systems and operations.

The second quarter saw the first flight managed by our Honeywell Anthem flight deck. Though it has been in flight testing for more than a year and accumulated more than 120 hours of flight time, this was the first flight managed by the next-gen avionics platform. Anthem’s core architectural system offers a 50% reduction in size and weight, along with greater installation flexibility when compared to Honeywell’s Primus Epic integrated avionics system.

Our Honeywell Building Technologies suite of software and hardware offerings contributed to the Sydney Opera House achieving a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The Sydney Opera House is one of the first UNESCO World Heritage-listed buildings to receive a 6 Star Green Star rating, and our HBT solutions enabled this by integrating more than 20 disparate subsystems to help improve safety, energy, and water usage. We implemented several innovations in the building, including electricity spot-price monitoring and automated outside air control through real-time air quality data from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Quantinuum announced several breakthroughs in the second quarter, including the introduction of System Model H2, Quantinuum’s next-generation quantum computer. Our System Model H2, with its unique features, was able to take a significant step forward in fault tolerant computing (the only machine to ever do this). Scalable fault tolerant computing is necessary for quantum computers to solve complex problems beyond the capabilities of classic computers.

Last, the second quarter included some significant leadership changes for Honeywell. June 1 officially marked the transition of Darius Adamczyk to the Executive Chairman role, and Vimal Kapur to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Vimal, a 34-year Honeywell veteran with leadership experience across the company, is excited to lead the next stage of innovation and growth for Honeywell.

About Honeywell

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